Market Media Group Professionals

Market Media Group is a privately held media and advertising company. With a combined 36 years of knowledge and expertise working in the supermarket industry, Market Media Group can identify and create supermarket product solutions to help small businesses grow.

Through strategic partner relationships with supermarkets in Southern California, Market Media Group offers a range of supermarket products that can guarantee exposure to your local audience.

Our products include the Welcome Center, Shopping Carts, Register Tape, Distribution Centers and Handbaskets.

All offer prominent signage and your advertising dollars are spent efficiently since your message is being read by your local prospects.

With Market Media Group You Get...

  • Targeted Demographic
  • Unique Media
  • Constant Reference by Potential Customers
  • Captive Audience
  • Repeated Exposure
  • Lowest Cost per Impression
  • Custom Ad Design
  • And, Much, Much, More!